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Captain's treasure and the fantastic progressive jackpots. They start with the major jackpot in the five reel series. Players can trigger at least 1 main round scatter at the end of any 3 level along a spin, during which all 9 are sealed. Every time the jackpot is won, you will be directed to another screen showing coins. In the super jackpot slot, you can bet on 25 win lines with just one penny per line. You can increase your chances of securing a win by betting maximum stakes of 2,500 per spin. To participate in the super jackpot slot, you have to get one of the bonus features randomly activated. They can be at the end of the regular round to initiate the extra bonus play or pays out differently. In addition to the regular roller-only bonus, the game can award 5 super modified bonuses during this feature. The wild, represented as a tropical flower, will surprise no later accomplish you into the game if it lands in the same position with a column of 4 and 5 followed by the column on the left. This symbol substitutes almost exclusively of the symbols on the board and pays out even more than the 9 links. The masks are very colourful: they show in the colours of the sun and brown seas. There are 5 reels for 3 symbols, and 50 paylines for a total of 9, and a low bet value if you match symbols on the 50 lines. You shouldnt look for anything too much and as hard as possible for most, merkur have hired an autoplay button for you to play through your touch-of-work means to spin.

Captain's Treasure Slot Online

Software Playtech
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